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X,1 articles on Kazaan, Godard, Agee, Leon   XXII, 2 Hitchcock's Silent Films, Schindler's List, The Decaloque
X, 3 Retrospectives on Hitchcock, Wajda   XXII, 3 Early Avant-Garde, Le Mepris, Bound, books
XI, 1-2 Special Tenth Anniversary Anthology Issue   Special Double Issue on Douglas Sirk, edited by Gerd Gemunden
XI, 3 Film Noir, Leave Her to Heaven, The Reckless Moment, Despair   XXIV, 1 John Woo, Elvis, Henry Fool, The Full Monty
XII, 3 Wiseman's Welfare, Szabo's Mephisto, Pasolini's Pigsty, Schlondorff's Swann in Love   XXIV, 2 Leigh's BBC Films, Rope, To Live, Syberberg on Adolphe Appia, books
XIII, 2 Special Issue on Feminist film critisism, edited by Janice Welsch   XXV, I The Thin Red Line, Une Femme Est une Femme, Regeneration, Cain and Noir
XIII, 3 Providence, Forbidden Planet, Cries and Whispers, Acting Styles   XXV, 2 Wong Kar-Wai, Australian films in America, Bazin on film technique, books
  XIV, 1 Anna Magnani, Pasolini, Music in The 400 Blows   XXV, 3 Special issue on New Zealand Cinema, edited by Andrew Horton
  XIV, 2 The Big Clock, Gabriela, children in Cinema, interviews, book reviews   XXVI, 1 Return of Martin Guerre/Sommersby, Stage fright, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, books
  XIV, 3 Special Issue on Psychoanalysis and Cinema, editied by Sonya Jones   XXVI, 2 Being John Malkovich, To Be or Not To Be, La Nouba
  XV, 1 Special Issue on Modern British Cinema, edited by Luciana Bohne   XXVI, 3 Film gris, Mississippi Burning, Interview with Budd Boetticher, books
  XV, 2 Pasolini's Theory and Practice, Modernist Films by Ackerman, Duras, and Rocha, Kings of the Road, La Soufriere, The King of Comedy   XXVII, 1 Special Issue on Contemporary French Cinema, edited by Walter Metz
  XVI, 1-2 Special Double Issue on British Cinema, 1900-1975, edited by Wheeler Winston Dixon   XXVII, 3 The Matrix, In Praise of Love, A-Bomb Films, books
  XVI, 3 Disney and Warner Bros. animation, female narration, Swing Time, Wings of Desire   XXVIII, 1 Fight Club, Reflexity of the road film, Dixon interview
  XVII, 1 Cavalier's Therese, Albert Brooks, Kricfalusi interviews, books   XXVIII, 2 Boys Don't Cry, Dark City, Minority Report
  XVII, 2-3 Special Double Issue on "Interpretation, Inc.": Issues in Contemporary Film Studies, edited by David Bordwell   XXVIII, 3 I Could Read The Sky, Fish and Elephant, The Face of the Bandit
  XVIII, 1 Kuleshov's Mr. West, Kurosawa's early thrillers, Thelma and Louise   XXIX, 1 Fear and Desire, One-Eyed Jacks, Monster's Ball, Janet Staiger on Gus Van Sant, books
  XVIII, 2 Central American Cinema   XXIX:2 Manchevski's Before the Rain and Dust, Cronenberg's special effects, Greenaway interview
  XVIII, 3-
XIX, 1
Special Double Issue on Fred Zinnemann, edited by Arthur Nolletti, Jr.   XXIX:3 Spirited Away, Roman Polanski, Jack Hill interview, Cannes Festival Report
  XIX, 2 Vertigo, Naked, Days and Nights in the Forest; Eisenstein and Woody Allen   XXX:1 Band Wagon, Burt Reynolds, Sergi Lopez, Dardenne Brothers interview
  XIX, 3 The New Auteurism: Egoyan, van Ackeren, Holland, Pasolini, Scorsese   XXX:2

Reviews of Bonnie and Clyde, Terrance Fisher's Crime Films, Beefcake

XX, 1-2 Special Double Issue on New Film Theory, edited by Wheeler Winston Dixon
XXX:3 Soldier of Orange, Serbian cinema, D. Ross Lederman's films, Berlin Film Festival Report
  XX, 3 Special Issue on the Western, edited by Michael Vella and Luciana Bohne   XXXI:1-2 Special double issue on Complex Narratives, edited by Janet Staiger
  XXI, 1 Blade Runner, The Icicle Thief, Scarlet Street, British B-Films   XXXI: 3 Brokeback Mountain, The Girl of Your Dreams, Open Water, Cannes 2006
  XXI, 2 Special Issue on Post-Communist Cinema, edited by Andrew Horton   XXXII:1 Special Issue on Digital Visual Effects and Popular Cinema, edited by Kristen Whissel
  XXI, 3 Basic Instinct, The Big Heat, feminist and gay male spectatorship, remakes, Trinh T. Minh-ha interview   XXXII:2 Radiography and Film Noir, Renoir's 1930s Cinema, 3:10 to Yuma (1957), Cannes and Berlin festival reports

XXII, 1 Special Issue on Genre, edited by Christopher Orr

The Hole, Gun Crazy, and Alphaville

XXXIII:3 L'Age d'Or, Deja Vu, Theives' Highway, Berlin Festival

XXXIV:1 Man With a Movie Camera, The King of Comedy, The State I am In, Marianne and Juliane, Hal Hartley, book reviews

XXXIV:2-3 Special Double Issue on Romanian Cinema

XXXV:2-3 Special Double Issue on Kore-eda; edited by Arthur Nolletti, Jr. N

Jia Zhangke's 24 City and I Wish I Knew, Kubrick's 2001, Antonioni's Blow-Up, Berlin Festival

No Country for Old Men, Pulse, S.A. Truth and Reconciliation Films, Bryanston Noir of 1960s